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Sure, you can try screening a mark yourself by searching
the web or public databases.

But search engines are not designed for this sophisticated research. So, you can easily miss potential conflicts including marks that look or sound similar to yours. And with the global nature of commerce, screening your mark across multiple countries is crucial which requires specialized data sources.

Screening proposed trademarks for identical matches to "knock out" previously registered marks is a smart first step. SAEGIS online trademark screening makes it easy and affordable.

Why SAEGIS Online Screening?

SAEGIS is a better way to screen your mark, offering you:

  • Fast, easy, online access to reliable records quality-checked for accuracy.
  • The ability to screen your mark in multiple countries with a single search.
  • The flexibility to make your search as narrow or broad as you want.
  • Get started with SAEGIS online screening today.

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